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This is the directory with Winter solstice music.

Jack Ghiselli has a better organized web site:

It has vocal parts (using scorch, or mp3.

Latest version of the score is:


Listing of mp3, html, pdf, and php files in this directory:

  • 01_Welcome_This_Night.mp3
  • 02_Oh_Night_both_Dark_and_Glorious.mp3
  • 03_Come_Down_into_the_Darkness.mp3
  • 04_Oh_Mystery.mp3
  • 05_Winter_Song.mp3
  • 06_Path_of_Darkness.mp3
  • 07_Halleluja_to_Pacelbel_Canon.mp3
  • Musical_Solstice_Score2008.pdf
  • MusicalSolsticeScore-PaloAlto-2010.pdf
  • index.php

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