AYSO Region 26 tournament schedules

Dec 2-3, 2006 Area 2 U12B

Area U12B Tournament Rules from 2005 (No changes for 2006)

Area tournament rules regarding rosters and pre-tournament organization will be linked here in 2007.

Area Tournament Results

Tournament Reminders

Game Cards: Teams are responsible to bring filled in game cards for the tournament. Please have 3 filled in lineup cards at the tournament director's picnic table 30 minutes before your first game. By 8:30 for a 9:00 game, or 9:15 for a 9:45 game. I will try to have this staffed from 8:15 on. We will do the same thing on Sunday for the Championship round.

Please double check the schedule, especially if you are one of the teams with a changed starting time since the first schedule: Mud Dogs, The Wave, Blue Fire, or Yellow Jackets. The schedule you are looking at should say V2.0 in the upper right.

Pins: I have pins to give to all participants. Pick them up when you get your lineup cards checked in. There are also medals for all teams that advance to Sunday.

Reporting Scores: Coaches should report scores to the tournament director or a representative. If there is a disagreement, we will check with the referee.

Length of Games and Substitutions: Games are 2 x 15 minute halves, with substitutions only at the half. Every player must play at least one half, so anyone out the first half must be in for the 2nd.

Tie Breakers: There are no tie breakers in the pool play, but if there is a tie in points and other tie-breaking scoring, we will do a "kicks from the penalty spot" shootout as the final arbiter. That would take place on Greer 2, after the last game finishes at 1:30. Better than a coin flip!

If you make it to the championship round, the information below about the Section tournament may apply for your team.


Coins -- I have Area Coins for all referees

Refreshments -- I'll have water and snacks at the fields, and we will have either Pizza or sandwiches later in the day.

Section Tournament -- Dec. 9-10

The winner and possibly the runner-up will be elgible to play in the Section tournament, in Foster City, Dec 9-10. Here is a note from the tournament organizer describing that:

Your RC and tournament director has more contact information to pass along to the winners.

Nov.18, 2006 Region 26

Basic Palo Alto Tournament Rules (Division commissioners start with these, and may customize them for their tournament)
Palo Alto Field Permits
League commissioners are the tournament directors for each division. Questions may be sent to them, or to Robert Neff (robert @ this domain)