AYSO Region 26 tournament schedules and rules

Area Tournament (U12B) December 1 and 2

2007 Results Click Here

Final Results:

  1. 45-8 Black Attack
  2. 45-13 Rapids
  3. 44-1 Flaming Hot Cheetos
  4. 43-5 The Irish
All championship games were very close, with two overtimes, and one game going to a shoot-out. Congratulations to all the players, coaches, referees, and other helpers for a successful tournament.

Feel free to send comments or suggestions to the R-26 tournament director -- Robert Neff (robert@neffs.net). We will definitely adjust the Sunday schedule to reflect overtime possibilities next year.


The tournament will be held on Saturday, Dec 1 from 8:30 to 3:00, and 4 pool winners will play on Sunday, Dec. 3 at 10:00 and 11:00.

Games will be played at Greer Park, in Palo Alto, located on East Bayshore between Amarillo and Colorado. This link goes to a map at Google Maps.

Here is a map of Greer park, showing the locations of the fields. The tournament director will be located between the main parking area (off W. Bayshore) and field 3.


The 2007 Schedule is HERE

Seeding is based on your region's success in prior years and no pool may have two teams from the same region. A minor adjustmemt was made to avoid color clashes. Stick around for the 2:00 game on field 2, when the Green Dragon Machine takes on the Fire Breathing Chickens.


See this document: AreaRules2007.pdf for tournament rules, especially the section on pages 10-12.

Differences from last year:

The big difference this year is that round-robin games will be 20 minutes/half, with a substitution break, so there will be the usual pattern of substitutions over 4 periods. As always, all players must play half the game. As a result, the schedule allows 1 hour/game, and we will get started at 8:30 am!

Procedures and Rule Reminders for Coaches

Nets:  Please have parents help put up nets before 
the your 8:30 game, or after your 2:00 game.

Sign In and Game Cards: Teams are responsible to bring filled in game cards
for the tournament.  Please have 3 filled in lineup cards at 
the tournament director's picnic table 30 minutes before your 
first game, to be checked against the rooster sent by your
RC.  By 8:00 for a 8:30 game, or 
8:45 for a 9:15 game.  This should be staffed from 7:45 on.

We will do the same thing on Sunday for the Championship round.

Pins:  There are pins for all participants.  Pick them up when
you get your lineup cards checked in.  There are also medals for all
teams that advance to Sunday.

Player Release Forms: You must have 
in your possession the AYSO registration form for 
each player with the ORIGINAL signature on it. 

Game Cards:  Present these game cards to the referee on your
field for each game.  Please include your name and color.

Side of the field:  The Home team gets to choose their side
of the field, and the visitors should take the opposite sideline.

Color Clashes:  In the event of two teams with the same 
color uniform, the Tournament director has Pinnies which the 
Home team must wear.  It is up to the referees to determine if
uniforms are too similar.

Length of Game and Substitutions:  The games have 20 minute halves, with
a subsitution break in the middle of each half.  In other words, standard 
AYSO "quarters".  Please be quick with substitutions.  Halftime is 
5 minutes.  Every player must play half the game, and I encourage you
to play every player at least 3 quarters.  This is different from
previous years, or last week's Regional tournament in Palo Alto

Reporting Scores:  The rules say coaches should report scores.  Also,
tournament director helpers will try to collect scores from the 
referees and coaches on the field after each game.  If
you don't see this happening, report scores to the tournament director's
table near Greer 3.

Tournament Results:  Tournament results will be posted on the baseball
backstops near Greer 2 and Greer 3 for the different pools.

Tournament scoring will be used to award points to each 
team for each game in the Pool Play round: 	

	Win: 	6 points 	
	Tie: 	3 points 	
	Shutout: 	1 point (a 0-0 tie = 1 shutout point for each team) 	
	Goals: 	1 point for each goal (maximum: 3 points per game) 	
	       -1 point for each red card or coach dismissal
If two or more teams in the same pool have the same point totals 
after the completion of the Pool Play round, the tie will be 
broken in this order. 

	1. head-to-head result in Pool Play
	2. fewer total goals allowed 	
	3. Most goals scored
	4. Fewest red cards
	5. Coin Toss by the tournament director

See the rules for tiebreakers in the championship round on Sunday.

Procedures and Rule Reminders for Referees

Coins -- I have Area Coins for all referees

Game Length: 20 minute halves, regular AYSO substitution pattern.
5 minute halftime.  Try to start games on schedule.  

Game Balls: The tournament director will supply a game ball for
each field.  

Ties: On Saturday, games may end in ties.  On Sunday, take a 2 minute
break, play two complete 5 minute overtimes (just switch ends), then
kicks from the penalty spot if still tied.

Game Cards and Game Record Cards:  The tournament director will have
a packet with pre-filled game record cards and a tournament schedule
at each field.  Coaches should provide their teams game card, checked
in by the tournament director.

After the game: A helper will come to your field to 
collect scores and game cards.  Do keep track that all players
play at least 2 periods.
Otherwise, coaches are reponsible for making sure scores are reported.

Refreshments: There will be water, sports drinks and snacks 
between fields 1 and 2, and at fields 3 and 4.  There will be 
sandwiches available for lunch near the Tournament Director's table
at Greer 3.

Exhaustion:  It is a busy schedule.  If you need a break, talk to the 
tournament director, and we will find a substitute.

Tournament Director is Robert Neff robert@neffs.net 650-858-2436

Section Tournament -- Dec. 8-9

The winner and possibly the runner-up will be elgible to play in the Section tournament, in Foster City, Dec 8-9.

Regional Tournaments, November 17, 2007

Basic Palo Alto Tournament Rules (2007 version) Rules for overtime added. (Division commissioners start with these, and may customize them for their tournament).

League commissioners are the tournament directors for each division. Questions may be sent to them, or to Robert Neff (robert @ this domain)



Please bring lineup cards for 4 games! (except Lee is taking care of that in U14G).

Game Length. Games are 15 or 17.5 minute halves, with no substitution break, except at halftime. Our goal is to keep on schedule with just a 2-minute half-time. Of course every player must play at least half of every game.


Please bring blank game-record cards if you have them with your referee kit.


    Thank you Ken Joye!

    If you are an extra referee, and your field is running behind schedule, you can handle pre-game procedures like check-in and the coin flip before the previous game ends.

    Don't forget to stay hydrated, and use sunscreen. If you need a break, and there are no available referees, get a club linesman and take a break.