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Things to look up:

Gary Taubes

You can read Gary Taubes stuff. He is a science writer, who was sucked into the diet controversies about 10 years ago. Books and articles in NY Times Magazine, among others.


Warning: After reading these, you will not look at a piece of cake the same way again!

Look for these articles in NYTimes Magazine:

There are online videos linked from his site.

This video is from an appearance in 2011 in Walnut Creek:
(Search youtube for "Gary Taubes Walnut Creek")

Robert Lustig

For Sugar, there is also the Robert Lustig: "Sugar, the bitter truth" (search for it on Youtube -- 90 minutes.

A 90-minute discussion of the nuances of fructose biochemistry and human physiology. He does not like Coca-cola.

Lustig is a specialist on pediatric hormone disorders and the leading expert in childhood obesity at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine

Warning: After viewing this, you probably won't be drinking gatorate, soda, or fruit juice.

Robert Atkins

Started as a cardiologist, and moved into dieting and nutrition when he found out about low carbohydrate diets (he was far from the first), and set up a clinic in NYC, along with a radio show in the 70s. He passed away some time ago, but his name lives on. I find his books "Atkins Diet Revolution", for one fairly interesting. Read Gary Taubes to find out why this is not in the mainstream.