Reuse your Political Sign- send it to Bike Palo Alto

Done with that Judge Persky sign?  It can be reused!!  Bike Palo Alto organizers are looking for leftover yard signs from the June 5 election!  We will store them until September, and use them (with our posters attached on top) to publicize Bike Palo Alto!  (Visit to find out more).  We are looking for 24” wide corogated plastic (coroplast) signs, like the ones in the picture, plus the metal supports used with these.  

We could use about 50.

Drop off at 3150 Emerson Street, Palo Alto (near Loma Verde) for Midtown.  (We have red cars in the driveway, and a basketball goal) Just leave it up against the garage door, or against the bushes along the driveway.

OR:  Send a note: email to: , leave it in an accessible location, and we will pick it up, possibly after 9:00 Wednesday or Thursday evening, and at least late on Saturday June 9.

If you are not sure what these signs look like, here are some pictures.

Typical Coroplast sign, seen from the edge.  Looks like corrogated cardboard.

Typical Coroplast sign, seen from the edge. Looks like corrogated cardboard.

Example sign, including the metal support.

Example sign, including the metal support.

Example Coroplast election sign.

Example Coroplast election sign.

Upcoming bike projects — Last update 2017

This is way out of date.  in 2017, the big projects are:

Road Diet on Middlefield

Designs nearing completion for Charleston/Arastradero and 6 bike boulevards.  Maybe construction on the Bike Boulevards.

Designs near completion for 6 more bike boulevards.

Matadero Creek Trail is near death.


35% design done for 101 overpass at Adobe Creek.   EPA may break ground near Newell, as well.

These projects are in the works in Palo Alto:

  • Matadero / Marguerite Bike Boulevard
    • 1st community meeting May 2013
    • Presentation to PABAC August 2013
    • 2nd community meeting Sept 2013 (??)
  • Maybell (El Camino Way to Georgia) Bike Boulevard improvements
    • 1st community meeting Sept 2013 (??)
  • Castelella / Park Ave / Wilkie Way Boulevard
    • SO FAR:
      • Signage from Churchill to about Matadero
        • Boulevard street signs
        • Directional signs
      • Changed 2-way stop sign at Castelella / ???
      • Green lane on Park
      • Removed stop sign at Matadero, added center lane curb on Matadero to slow turning traffic.
    • NEXT:
      • RFP for consultant to work out details of next section (??)


  • Curb cut at California / High Street widened 200% :)
  • Barriers replaced with stop signs and ramps at Duncan / Creekside bridge.


  • Matadero Creek Trail
    • RFP for trail study released summer 2013.
  • 101 overpass at Adobe Creek
    • ~ 80% of funding found.
    • Entering a design competition phase for the overpass.
  • Oregon Expressway Improvements
    • Bike Crossing signal at Ross
    • Ped / Bike Safety at West Bayshore (between Oregon Expy and Oregon Ave.)