Upcoming bike projects — Last update 2017

This is way out of date.  in 2017, the big projects are:

Road Diet on Middlefield

Designs nearing completion for Charleston/Arastradero and 6 bike boulevards.  Maybe construction on the Bike Boulevards.

Designs near completion for 6 more bike boulevards.

Matadero Creek Trail is near death.


35% design done for 101 overpass at Adobe Creek.   EPA may break ground near Newell, as well.

These projects are in the works in Palo Alto:

  • Matadero / Marguerite Bike Boulevard
    • 1st community meeting May 2013
    • Presentation to PABAC August 2013
    • 2nd community meeting Sept 2013 (??)
  • Maybell (El Camino Way to Georgia) Bike Boulevard improvements
    • 1st community meeting Sept 2013 (??)
  • Castelella / Park Ave / Wilkie Way Boulevard
    • SO FAR:
      • Signage from Churchill to about Matadero
        • Boulevard street signs
        • Directional signs
      • Changed 2-way stop sign at Castelella / ???
      • Green lane on Park
      • Removed stop sign at Matadero, added center lane curb on Matadero to slow turning traffic.
    • NEXT:
      • RFP for consultant to work out details of next section (??)


  • Curb cut at California / High Street widened 200% :)
  • Barriers replaced with stop signs and ramps at Duncan / Creekside bridge.


  • Matadero Creek Trail
    • RFP for trail study released summer 2013.
  • 101 overpass at Adobe Creek
    • ~ 80% of funding found.
    • Entering a design competition phase for the overpass.
  • Oregon Expressway Improvements
    • Bike Crossing signal at Ross
    • Ped / Bike Safety at West Bayshore (between Oregon Expy and Oregon Ave.)



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